Tuesday, 24 April 2012


In addition to the party priorities set out below, I have my own interests.

I would like to see more investment in cycling provision locally, which would mean more than painting a few white lines onto roads.  Cycling is a fun activity which can keep us healthy.  It is easy to do and can be enjoyed by almost everyone.  It also reduces the number of cars on our busy roads, which benefits us all.  

However, most people see cycling as dangerous and would never dream of getting on a bike.  Local authorities can do a lot to encourage people through simple activities such as requiring proper cycle lanes to be included in any new roads.  With all the planned development around Witney in particular, this could be a once in a generation opportunity to build a lasting legacy which can benefit everyone.

We also need to invest in affordable housing which is well designed, which does not swamp existing communities and which comes with the services that people need to live well in our district.  I worked for the Vale of White Horse District Council for 7 years, during which time the then Lib Dem administration prioritised high quality affordable housing and delivered more than 1500 homes in town centres and sustainable communities.  West Oxfordshire has a good record for affordable housing but we need to keep the pace of building up to make sure that our communities remain strong and vibrant. Leafield's shop and school are good examples of how new housing can benefit villages.  More people living in Leafield has meant that both are thriving.

The district council is small and has limited budgets but those budgets must be spent wisely, building strong communities now and leaving a lasting legacy for the future. 


Every authority needs an active opposition and the Lib Dems have a good record in West Oxfordshire. In March, Lib Dem councillors stood up for the Citizens’ Advice Bureau when the Tories tried to slash the budget. It was Lib Dems who convinced the Tories that they should look at opening a recycling facility at Greystones to replace Dean Pit. The Liberal Democrats want a better future for everyone in our area, which includes:
  • Enough affordable houses so that the next generation can afford to rent or buy a home locally
  • Roads and pavements maintained properly
  • Higher building standards, to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions
  • Better recycling for businesses.  What;'s the point of us all recycling at home when busioness throw away tons of rubbish each day because there is no choice for them?
  • Zero-landfill targets. This will be tough to achieve but there is nothing wrong with having targets to aim for
  • Planning policy that supports local food production, encouraging jobs and sustainability 
Liberal Democrats work hard all year round and our record of activity is clear across the country. Lib Dem councillors offer loal advocacy and tough opposition in Ofordshire and I want to support that proud record here.


I am standing for election in West Oxfordshire for the village I have lived in for 10 years. I am a passionate Liberal Democrat, an active local citizen and a keen advocate of local democracy, not to mention a father of two children who go to the local school.

I have stood for election in various places but this is the first opportunity I have had to represent my own village, together with the surrounding villages of Hailey, Minster Lovell and Ramsden. Previously I worked for a local authority so I was unable to stand in any elections. However, I have kept myself busy since moving to Oxfordshire. I joined the community shop committee five days after arriving in Leafield and I remain an active member. Our community shop opened in January 2003 with working capital of about £700. After more than our fair share of trials and tribulations we remain in business with great staff, an ever growing range of stock and we are looking forward with great pride to our tenth birthday next year. Our shop now includes the Post Office, which closed but which we successfully revived. I volunteer in the shop regularly.

I have also served as parish councillor and parish clerk in the village, during which time I worked towards getting us more affordable housing and new play equipment. Latterly I was a member of the church PCC and an active member of the church.

That's a brief biography to provide a flavour of your candidate. I shall discuss my interests and priorities in the next post.