Friday, 19 November 2010


Another non-story doing the rounds this morning: Lord Young puts his foot in his mouth.

Well, hold my coat, I'm going to faint. An oafish, Thatcherite Tory tells us how lucky we all should be to be poor, now buck up and don't slack. He was tactless in the 1980s and it seems little has changed.

Where's the real news? Is there any royal news? It seems we've heard nothing from them for ages. How's that nice young lad doing with his girlfriend, for example? Wilberforce, wasn't it? Wilton? Something like that.

UPDATE: Crikey, I never knew my blog was so powerful. Will Dave become a follower? Only time will tell.

Tomorrow I shall address the Israel/Palestine issue to see if we can get that resolved here. Stay tuned.

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