Monday, 30 March 2015


I'd like you to consider voting for me on May 7th so some background is appropriate.

My priorities if elected
  • Secure our NHS Lib Dems will give the extra £8bn NHS England has asked for – all of it, unlike the other parties.
  • Balance the budget by 2018 - protect the economic recovery and continue to bring down our debt. We can do nothing without strong, stable finances.
  • Fair taxes - continue the Lib Dem policy of cutting income tax for low and middle income earners by raising the tax-free allowance by another £400, giving people more of their own money

My political outlook
I have been a Liberal Democrat since 1992. Liberal Democrats in the coalition have shown how politicians working together can deliver strong, stable government:
  • We have helped to deliver the country from the disastrous economic situation we faced in 2010.
  • We have cut taxes for the least well off – against the objections of the Tories – taking millions of the lowest paid people out of tax altogether.
  • We have delivered over 70% of our manifesto commitments.

With more Liberal Democrats in Parliament we can continue to deliver moderate, sensible policies which benefit everyone.

About me
I am married with two children. I have been active in my local community, working as a parish councillor and clerk. I was involved in saving a community shop and I volunteered on the committee and behind the counter for 11 years. I work in social care research so I understand the challenges faced by people seeking good care and support in their communities. When the family permits, my hobbies include swimming, cycling and writing.

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