Tuesday, 30 March 2010


The Lib Dems have set up a spoof website highlighting the similarities between the two old parties and their cosy relationship for 65 years in government. This is quite a departure for us and I welcome a bit of levity so early on in the election campaign that isn't an attack on any individual personality. There is a link from this website to the Lib Dems' main site and the slogan used there is 'if you want real change, vote for it'.

Naturally, I couldn't agree more but perhaps what strikes me the most is how this slogan works far better than the one we have adopted for the election, which is 'change that works for you: building a fairer Britain'.

Once again, I agree entirely with the sentiments but its not an easy message to put across on the doorstep. By contrast, asking people to vote for real change is. I hope we hear a lot more on this in the next five weeks.

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