Thursday, 4 March 2010


News that the John Radcliffe Hospital has cancelled all children’s surgery following four recent deaths is a serious concern to everyone in the area but it must be seen in the context of a properly functioning system.

It is a tragic fact that some patients will not survive visits to hospital and it is always worse when children are involved. News that the JR has decided to investigate these recent deaths confirms to me that our hospital is taking this matter very seriously. As a parent of young children – one of whom entered this world at the JR - I am reassured by the rapid response to this important issue.

It will not remove the pain experienced by the families of these unfortunate children but they will hopefully take comfort from the knowledge that the JR intends to ensure that it learns from these tragic events to safeguard other children.

I would not hesitate to take my children to the JR in any future emergencies and I would trust the staff there to provide the best possible care for them, as they have always done in the past.

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