Monday, 20 April 2015


More than 50 business leaders has signed a letter to the Financial Times backing Liberal Democrats in government.  They said the UK economy would benefit from having Lib Dems in Government again.

Leading company owners, employers and entrepreneurs said a stronger economy, a record number of jobs and improved living standards was down to the success of the Coalition.  They said: “In view of their track record in sustaining the present Government and their positive role in it, we believe it is essential to have enough Liberal Democrat MPs in the new Parliament to provide a clear and sensible voice for the centre ground.”

The letter warned about the threat to the recovery without the Lib Dems if the Tories or Labour were allowed to go their own way, or if Labour teamed up with the SNP or the Tories with UKIP.  

Liberal Democrats have made huge progress in securing Britain’s economic recovery in the past five years, helping businesses to grow.  We want to to use this foundation to build a strong sustainable economy. 

With the other two major parties reverting to type, a strong coalition government anchored by the Liberal Democrats in the centre ground remains the best way to support British business. 
  • Labour will borrow too much, risking the economy
  • The Tories will cut too much threatening public services and investment
  • We will borrow less than Labour and cut less than the Tories which will enable us to invest in the skills and infrastructure we need
In government, Liberal Democrats have proved our commitment to business and to building a stronger economy by:
  • halving the budget deficit
  • helping business create some 2 million jobs
  • delivering over two million new apprenticeships. 
Employment is at a record high - there are more people in work now than there have ever been, we have bought back confidence to the UK and the economy is now larger than its pre-recession peak in 2008.

Our industrial and economic policy has had supporting business at its heart. We have:
  • reformed the banking system
  • created the world’s first Green Investment Bank
  • enabled unprecedented investment in low carbon energy
  • introduced a Regional Growth Fund and a bold new Industrial Strategy to support growth and high-skilled jobs
  • ensured transparency of company ownership 
  • promoted more diversity in business leadership, with more women on company boards than ever before.

Whether it’s fighting for proper investment in renewable energy, or working to build a high skill, flexible labour market: Liberal Democrats will ensure Britain doesn’t return to the mistakes of the past.

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