Tuesday, 21 April 2015


According to Labour leader Ed Miliband today, Conservative leader David Cameron is 'playing games' with his talk of the SNP going into coalition with Labour.  According to the Tories, Labour is entering dangerous territory within all the media blather about a coalition with the SNP.

They do sound familiar, don't they...almost the same.  The two largest parties have the most to lose from change and they will fight hard to stop change happening.  If you vote Liberal Democrat this time you can vote for change, not the usual mud-slinging we have all had to endure for decades.

You can vote for:
  • continued investment in the NHS in England, right up to the level the Chief Executive of the service says is needed
  • continued investment in education, with a pledge for full funding from 2 to 19, with qualified teachers in every classroom
  • continued investment in apprenticeships, giving young people real choice as they enter work
  • continued investment in developing a high skill, low carbon economy with green investment to grow our economy and help the environment
  • continued work to get rid of the deficit in the next three years, saving us all money and allowing our recovering economy to continue to grow.
  • continued increases in the tax-free allowance, benefiting everyone in work, taking millions on the lowest incomes out of paying tax and helping people to help themselves
Or you can vote for the same old tiresome banter, the same old politics of lurching leftwards and rightwards every few years and the same old economic uncertainty.

Use your vote sensibly to change politics for good.

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