Monday, 15 February 2010


I spent a useful evening knocking on doors this evening, which always makes you stop and think. I picked a bad time as most people seemed to be tucking into their dinner. (I apologised to one man for disturbing his 'tea' and he corrected me, so I shall remember that in future...).

The best thing about meeting voters is that you find out that, whether angry, friendly, interested, or in a hurry people do care about politics and they do have strong views. I've discussed unemployment, education, homeopathy, tax, Council Tax, the Labour government, the Tories and more. It's never dull.

No one mentioned expenses or corruption, which is encouraging because I remain convinced that serious politics is what interests people and most people vote because of strong convictions.

Mind you, I ended the evening freezing cold and dying for the loo so it wasn't all good but I think I'll return for more.

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