Thursday, 11 February 2010


My first key priority is to get a real feel for what the Lib Dems will be promoting as our key areas at the forthcoming General Election. I have spent years familiarising myself with the policies but they always come into sharper focus at elections, so a degree of revision is required.

Unlike some parties I could mention we have a comprehensive set of policies covering all aspects of our society. The one I always find the most interesting is the policy on the welfare of fairground goldfish (we're for it!). It may seem trivial but it matters to the goldfish. From there we stretch right up to the international sphere, with a proper policy on Europe - not fear, loathing and general suspicion as practised by the Tories and Labour but a genuine desire to make the EU work better based on the conviction that countries working together is far better than the alternative, which we've tried once or twice.

The election campaign will be fought on the basis of our core belief in freedom, which I have always read as being a strong imperative that the government should leave people alone unless it has to get involved in their lives to protect or improve it.

There will be much more on this, hopefully allowing me to build up a good picture of why people should vote Lib Dem, which is, after all, why I'm writing this.

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