Monday, 15 February 2010


Comenting on the Conservative Party announcement today that the government had failed people in poorer areas of the country where 54% - rather than the correct figure of 5.4% - of girls under 18 had got pregnant in some areas, Lib Dem spokesman Danny Alexander said:

"The Tories seem to think that half our teenagers are pregnant, our cities are like The Wire and that people will get married for a few extra quid. If they really believe Britain is like this, it's remarkable that Conservative MPs can pluck up the courage to leave their house. They should lower their drawbridges, spend less time tending their moats and duck houses, and join the rest of us in the real world."

It is difficult to understand how a party led by David Cameron, who has worked very hard to portray a positive image of the Conservatives, could nevertheless offer such a negative image of the society it seeks to represent.

By contrast, Liberal Democrats believe that our country has problems but that it is generally a pretty good place to live.

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