Friday, 1 May 2015


I received an interesting message from someone about the election. Their message read:

I really want to vote Lib Dem. However, I do NOT want UKIP to gain a seat in Wyre Forest, and would prefer Conservative to UKIP. Must I therefore vote Conservative?

I replied as follows:

Thanks for your message and thank you for considering voting Lib Dem.

I hope you do vote for me as I believe my party represents the best chance for a fair, balanced government without extreme parties like UKIP holding the balance of power. Even if I am not successful in Wyre Forest, every vote for the Lib Dems will add weight to Nick Clegg's bargaining position in the event of a hung Parliament.

We might even get fair votes in future elections so everyone can vote with their conscience and be sure their view is represented in future Parliaments.

I do not believe the Conservatives offer people a good choice for the next government. They have made no secret of their desire to cut public services to the bone, something the Lib Dems fought to stop in the last government, even though this was difficult in a time of extreme austerity. This is a key reason why I want as strong a Lib Dem voice as possible after Thursday.

As for UKIP, I am very confident that the great majority of people in the UK will turn away from the divisive politics they espouse.

I hope you will feel confident to vote for me on May 7th.

I am delighted to say that this person said they would vote for me.  I hope you will do so as well to give the Lib Dems the strongest voice as possible after May 7.  Whatever happens, the next  Parliament is going to need the moderating influence of as many Lib Dems as possible.

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