Tuesday, 5 May 2015


The Independent editorial today offers a very balanced about the relative merits of the main parties in the election, saying they do not seek to support any one party; instead they seek to support and promote liberal democracy.  

 We have both those words in our name and the principles they represent are at the heart of everything we do.

It is worth quoting the Independent in full on Nick Clegg:

'Many of the good things the Coalition has done are owed to the Liberal Democrats. Nick Clegg may not personally recover from the tuition fees debacle, despite being right (eventually). But history will record him as the man who turned a party of protest into one of government. As a principled, effective politician who could hold another Coalition together, we hope he keeps his seat in Sheffield Hallam.  He has confounded his Tory critics, held his party together, been a fine advertisement for a European kind of government, and championed the green agenda just as Tories abandoned it. On raising the income tax threshold, the pupil premium, early years learning and apprenticeships the Lib Dems have been a force for progress, and if he returns to government Mr Clegg should insist on being Education Secretary.'

The Independent also makes a very clear point about the kind of nationalism being whipped up in Scotland and across the UK by UKIP, saying they ‘consider nationalism guilty until proven innocent’ and noting that a Labour government propped up by an avowedly separatist party would be very damaging to our country.

If you want the stable, sensible government we have delivered over the past five years, give me your vote on May 7th so that I can work with Liberal Democrat colleagues to provide the moderating influence that we need as we turn our country around – neither lurching left nor right and stopping people from tearing the UK apart.

Vote Lib Dem on May 7th for common sense, good government and sound finances.

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