Thursday, 1 April 2010


There is a striking piece on the BBC news website in which former US Presidential candidate Howard Dean says he believes that Nick Clegg could win the election on May 6th. Well, that's pretty much why I'm doing what I am doing so it is wonderful to hear such an endorsement from someone with a good political pedigree who is outside of the debate. Dean compliments Clegg as a 'young, dynamic leader' and says he believes that there is such uncertainty that the LDs could come out on top at the election, especially if Clegg is boosted by the televised leaders' debates. For this reason I expect the love-in from David Cameron and Gordon Brown to abruptly come to a halt during these contests as they turn their fire on the candidate with the most to gain and the best policies by far.

This endorsement from Howard Dean echoes the simple, undeniable fact that the LDs got more votes than Labour at last year's Council elections and that 1 in 4 voters support us. If we can increase that number to 1 in 3 we're on the way. Plus, the poll rating for the two old parties has see-sawed for months but ours has been a pretty constant 17-20%.

Things are looking good for us. As Dean says: "I know the Liberals, I know Nick Clegg very well, and he intends to win this and I think they could."

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