Monday, 19 April 2010


The Independent has commissioned a survey of businessmen by ComRes which has revealed an improvement in Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg's standing. The proportion who have confidence in him has doubled from 20 to 41 per cent in the past month, which is way above the 28 per cent rating for Mr Brown. Unsurprisingly the Tory leader gets a higher rating as this might be regarded as his natural constituency but the numbers are all going our way.

Perhaps more of a worry for the Conservatives is that the number of businessmen who believe the shadow Chancellor George Osborne "lacks experience" has risen from 78 to a record 80 per cent. That is a terrible figure for a man who wants to control the country's purse strings.

The survey of 170 business leaders shows that the number who detect the "green shoots" of economic recovery in their sector has risen sharply in the past month from 49 to 61 per cent, rather putting the lie to Tory claims of a 'Broken Britain'. There can be little doubt that we are a difficult situation but I object to the Conservatives' attempt to write off the country. What kind of message is that for a party which wants to rule to send out to voters?

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