Thursday, 15 April 2010


The Telegraph headline on their website is 'Clegg 'wins' Election Debate'.

The Times says 'Nick Clegg seizes his moment in historic TV debate'

These papers are not natural supporters of the Lib Dems. The Telegraph has been described as the Conservative Party's in house journal. I think I am justified in feeling extremely pleased tonight with my leader, my party and my ability to be the only candidate for Henley who can argue for a clear, costed programme for the next government. Well done, Nick.

I hope residents in Henley will consider this when they cast their vote on May 6th. The Tories sound reassuring but what are they actually saying. For many years on a less moderate blog I have pondered the simple, six word question to be raised with any Conservative candidate: yes, but what will you do?

Their leader, David Cameron, was found wanting this evening. I feel their party will be in the weeks to come.

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