Thursday, 22 April 2010


The backlash against Nick Clegg has begun today with Tory papers printing stories attempting to smear Nick Clegg and an intriguing story on the Radio 4 Today programme this morning about James 'Sky & the Sun' Murdoch and Rebekah 'Sky' Wade turning up at the offices of the Independent to have a 'discussion' with the editor in chief, Simon Kelner. The inference drawn by that programme was that News International might be unhappy at having nailed its colours to the losing team at this election.

There is now no question that there is now blind panic among Conservative campaigners and supporters.

As a Lib Dem candidate I have received excellent support from our headquarters, including advice to not get too excited and, crucially, to keep on selling our policies to voters, not our personalities, because we are in this campaign to cut taxes, cut the deficit, improve our schools and get our economy working again on sustainable grounds. We know very well that this is not a beauty contest.

That I hope will be the key to this election. When all the fuss and hype over Nick dies down, like the froth on a good pint of English beer, you are still left with something tasty, interesting and enjoyable to the last drop. We have substance, while - to continue the analogy - the others are mere alcopops: fizzy, nice to enjoy but fundamentally devoid of character, taste and lasting impact beyond a sore head the next day.

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