Tuesday, 26 April 2011


The speaking engagement in Henley was followed by a full day's campaigning in North Hinksey, meeting with our wonderful deliverers - all of whom are crucial to the campaign, a bit of delivering for me then finishing with canvassing, which is always a challenge but which provides regular rewards, whether it is the lady who stopped my introduction to tell me that of course she would vote for me, or the man who asked me for a poster to display, to add to the growing forest of stakes and posters in the ward.

It's encouraging to find so many people willing to keep faith with us, in many cases despite their concerns over the coalition, and it's nice to have the opportunity to explain just a little of what the coalition is doing. Above all, I have to keep reminding residents that we need everyone to support us on May 5th - or with their postal votes - to guarantee that we can keep on with the good work of the last 16 years in the Vale. No amount of opposition claims can take away the fact that the Vale is a well-run, low tax authority.

Please use your vote on May 5th to help us build on those 16 years of success.

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