Wednesday, 27 April 2011


'I' reports today that police in London have been rounding up 'known troublemakers' in advance of the Royal Wedding on Friday. They have also been visiting known protesters to warn them not to cause any disruption. Is this appropriate activity in a free country?

The police have a huge task to ensure that everything proceeds according to plan but should they be adopting tactics used in China, for example, in advance of the arrival of some foreign dignitaries? Has the delicate balance between security and freedom - including the right to protest in a free society - shifted too far?

Friday's event will be watched by millions around the world, almost all of whom will wish the couple well and want everything to go as planned. Frankly, anyone considering disrupting the event must be mad as they will be torn to pieces by Union Flag-clad crowds the moment they say or do anything to disrupt proceedings.

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