Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I understand that some other candidates for the election in May have commented that the West Way Shopping Centre is 'shabby', which I disagree with. I use the shopping centre several times a week and, while it is not Bluewater or the Orchard Centre in Didcot, it is an excellent local centre, with all the essential services people need, including the much loved library. The West Way shopping centre is not perfect but it has the beautiful parade of shops in front and fairly functional and 'green' precinct at the back. Most importantly it 'works' and it is popular and well-used.

Rather than constantly complaining about problems, what I would like candidates in local elections to do is to tell us what they would do. Its time for cards to be laid on the table and for residents to make their minds up. If you have nothing positive to offer, stand aside because the Lib Dems most certainly have.

Simply put, we offer low taxes, good services, year-round engagement with residents and a focus on our local communities across the Vale. Beat that - if you can.

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