Saturday, 30 April 2011


According to Tory Transport spokesman at the County Council, quoted in this week's Oxford Times, it is perfectly easy to drive a large lorry through the narrow roads of Wytham to get to Wolvercote when restrictions are placed on access to Wolvercote from Oxford for planned bridge repairs.

The Councillor justifies this remark by noting that he used to drive lorries and has been through Wytham. I wonder if that is any time in the last 30 years, when the use of vehicles on our crowded roads has increased dramatically, when people are far more aware of the need to restrict large vehicles from small villages with tight bends in their centres and where road safety improvements have delivered huge reductions on deaths and serious injuries on the roads.

It is often a problem with the Tories that they are living in a bygone, cloistered world, with warm beer, cricket on the green and obliging country dwellers moving their carts to one side for the Tory juggernaut to pass through with scant regard for their wellbeing. Thankfully, the Lib Dems who actually represent both Wytham and Wolvercote have dismissed this suggestion and pointed out the potential for huge disruption and accidents. Wouldn't it be nice if Tories went to Wytham to look at it? Wouldn't it be nice if they then acknowledged that they are wrong and recognise that Wytham doesn't need to reflect Wacky Races for a few months.

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