Wednesday, 20 April 2011


According to the Independent, Nick Clegg has set an example to MPs still profiting from the old rules on expenses. He sold his Sheffield home for £325,000 and gave the £38,750 profit to the taxpayer, although he did not need to. Mr Clegg lives in London but rents a home in Sheffield. A rule allowing MPs claim for mortgage payments on second homes has been scrapped.

I wonder how many MPs from other parties will follow suit.

Nick Clegg came to the Vale yesterday and spoke to candidates and friends in a pub in Abingdon. He's a good speaker, even if he does fall over his words too much as he speaks with passion. He has a sense of humour as well - luckily. The Vale's most outspoken Councillor asked him a somewhat difficult question about the perception of the Lib Dems at the moment and he responded with the quip that he knew which clip the watching BBC crew would be showing this evening. Sure enough, Nick Robinson, the BBC's correspondent, held up his crib sheet to confirm this. So look out for the doughty Jenny Hannaby giving the Deputy Prime Minister a hard time on the BBC News at 10 tonight. She's a great councillor but she doesn't always keep her counsel...

Nick Clegg also enjoyed a pint in the pub. I remember images of former Prime Ministers sipping at halves. As a strong supporter of pubs and British beer (in moderation) I applaud the gesture. He clearly enjoyed a good Oxfordshire pint, too.

Nick's a nice guy and he gave a boost to the Lib Dem campaign in the Vale.

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